Virginia Reuse Network

Assistive Technology (AT) Request Checklist

The Virginia Reuse Network’s (VRN) Equipment Exchange is a way to help Virginians with disabilities, family members, healthcare professionals and others have access to gently used assistive technology (AT) that might otherwise be un-used or discarded. Virginians may use the VRN Exchange to offer gently used equipment for sale or donation. Requests to the VRN’s Equipment Exchange are collected by VATS, and then sent out to a larger network across the state using an email distribution list. The VRN Equipment Exchange functions like a classified advertisement in your local newspaper. Requests may include all types of AT: communication devices, ramps, modified vehicles, stair climbers, porch lifts, respiratory equipment, low vision equipment and any type of AT that helps Virginians with disabilities overcome barriers or improve their health and safety!

In addition to the Equipment Exchange, the VRN supports full service durable medical equipment (DME) reuse sites across the state for persons with limited resources. These programs are full service sites where DME is collected, sanitized, refurbished, matched and re-distributed to a qualifying Virginian with a disability. For more information on full service DME programs, contact the Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment & Endowment (F.R.E.E.) at: (540) 777-4929 or on the web at

If you would like to send an AT request out to the VRN’s Equipment Exchange, please fill out the below information or download a form to fill out and print. Fax the form to VATS: (804) 662–9140.

Contact Information for Person Requesting or Offering Equipment:

* Required Field
Client Information
* Name:
E-mail Address:
* Phone Number:
* Zip Code of Client:
* Age of Client (check one):

* Approximate Weight of Client: (to ensure equipment match)

* What Equipment do you Need or Offering? (describe below, include price if offering equipment for sale):

For chair/cushion requests, seat size needed?




**If you require additional assistance, please contact VATS toll free Information & Assistance at: (800) 435-8490; or (800) 464-9950 (TTY).


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