Types of Assistive Technology

Adapted Toys

Adapted Toys

2-in-1 Bach to Rock Guitar

The 2-in-1 Bach to Rock Guitar by Fisher-Price requires few steps to work and produces music, making it very engaging.

Bubble Pro Bubble Machine

Switch activated toys such as the Bubble Pro Bubble Machine allow children to control their environment

Aids For Low Vision

Aids For Low Vision These devices assist people with low vision by increasing contrast, enlarging images or substituting tactile or auditory signals for visual ones

Hoyle Jumbo Face Playing Cards

Hoyle's Jumbo Face Playing Cards have 1" enlarged numbers for easier visibility.

JAWS by Freedom Scientific

JAWS by Freedom Scientific is a screen reader that works with a PC to provide access to software applications and the Internet for those with vision impairments.

Optelec's Basic Hand-Held Magnifier (2X)

Optelec's Basic Hand-Held Magnifier (2X) is a lightweight reading magnifier with a prescription-quality aspherical lens for distortion free viewing.

Aids for Daily Living

Aids for Daily Living Devices and adaptions to increase participation or independence in activities such as eating and grooming as well as routine tasks such as getting out of bed and cooking dinner.

Good Grips Button Hooko

Good Grips Button Hook has a built up handle that features flexible ribbing to adapt to any grip and make dressing easier.


Here are three utensils with long, enlarged handles. The width of the handles can assist with poor grip strength or hand control, and the length helps with reach problems. This particular design also lets you bend the handle around your arm for further support.

Shower Bench

This is one type of shower bench. It has a backrest, an armrest on one side (can be changed over to the other side) and height-adjustable legs. One side of the chair can extend out and over the tub wall, making it easier to transfer or stand.


Drop something and can't bend down far enough to pick it up? Can't reach across that table? Need to get something off that shelf that's just a little bit out of your reach? Here are three different reacher/grabbers which will make the reach possible.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devicesThis assistive technology category includes equipment that makes auditory information accessible to those with hearing loss, either by amplifying the sound or converting it into visual or tactile information. There are four main categories of assistive listening devices: alerting, listening, telecommunications, and closed captioning.

Listen Personal FM System

Listen Personal FM System is a good small area solution where added listening capability is needed. The transmitter with microphone can be worn or set up on a podium. The receiver and earphone are worn by the listener up to 150 feet away.

Portable TTY

Portable TTYís come in cellular and regular land line forms. Cellular's have storage capacity and display conversations on a small screen and are wireless. The land line type uses a regular phone jack for connection and also has the screen for reading input. Both can be easily transported.

Ameriphone VCO Telephone

The Ameriphone VCO Telephone is an amplified, hearing aid compatible phone that allows you to make VCO calls through a TTY relay service.

Shake Awake alarm clock

Shake Awake alarm clock vibrates or sounds an audible alarm.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) AAC includes equipment and services that enhance face-to-face communication and telecommunication. Writing aids are also included in this group. Those with communication difficulties can communicate when traditional speaking and writing are not effective.

personal communication book

A personal communication book is ideal for manual communication systems. The easy-to-open book can hold pictures that represent items which are important to the user and thereby enable face-to-face communication.

Head Pointer

Head Pointers provide alternative access methods for individuals who are unable to use their fingers, hands or arms. This pointing device can be used to access a picture/letter board to spell out messages, to point to symbols, or to hit buttons on a voice output communication device. Head pointers can be used with a standard keyboard on the computer.

Picture Board

Picture Boards are a low-tech, simple communication method that can be accessed by pointing with a finger, hand, head pointer or mouth stick. Producing a message is easily accomplished by selecting one or more pictures together to create a phrase or sentence.

Digitized speech device

Digitized speech devices provide age appropriate, easily changeable messages. The Speak Easy allows for up to 12-recorded messages that can be accessed through touch or switch.

Portable Keyboard

Portable Keyboards offer up to 10 programmable instant messages such as "Hi, how are you?" or "I'll see you later" are spoken and displayed on the keyboard. Users can take notes while attending a lecture or meeting and print or send them to a computer.

Computer Access

Computer Access This type of AT device improves access to computers by facilitating input or enhancing output. Input interfaces are devices or software systems that provide an alternate means to control the computer. Output devices provide alternate access to information available from the monitor or printer.

Goldtouch Split Keyboard

The Goldtouch Split Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard that allows adjustments of the two alpha-numeric sections both horizontally and vertically to suit an individualís requirements.

joystick-shaped mouse

This joystick-shaped mouse encourages use of the larger muscles of the arm, thereby minimizing the need for wrist movement. Such a design may offer relief from pain or a whole new way of controlling movement of the cursor.

Head-controlled Pointer

A Head-controlled Pointer is useful when the use of hands is not an option. This particular device rests on top of the monitor. The cursor moves as the device tracks the position of a small reusable dot placed on the user's forehead (or a pair of glasses, etc.).


Touchscreens allow the user to directly move the cursor by touching the screen directly with a finger or stylus. Touchscreen technology may be built-in to a monitor, or it can be enabled using an add-on overlay, as pictured here

Seating, Positioning, and Mobility

Seating, Positioning, and Mobility

Quickie Breeze

The Quickie Breezy 500 is a lightweight, manual wheelchair. It is shown above with footrests.

Lighted Cane

The Pathlighter cane that shines light at your feet so you can walk with greater assurance and safety in dark or dimly lit areas.

Telescoping Ramp

Telescoping Ramp - This multi-purpose ramp is designed for all scooters and wheelchair types. It acts as a semi permanent ramp and makes mini and full sized ramps accessible.

Pediatric Walker

The BUGSY Pediatric Walker by Otto Bock is a reverse walker for indoor and outdoor use. It is available in three sizes for children ages 2-20.


This Wheelchair Cushion by Sammons Preston Rolyan is made of deep foam that envelops bony areas to reduce pressure while preventing slippage.

Switches and Environmental Control Units

Switches and Environmental Control Units

Electronic Control Kit

The QuickStart Environmental Control Kit contains everything needed to introduce switch-activated electrical and battery systems.

Soft Switch

The Tash Soft Switch in a velvet case has auditory and tactile feedback, but is soft enough to mount for head use.

Sicare Pilot

Tashís Sicare Pilot converts spoken commands into signals that control numerous devices within multiple environments.

Power Control

The PowerLink control unit gives you the ability to control most electric appliances, tools and toys with single switches. PowerLink can work with a cordless switch or use the PowerLink's built in switch jacks for corded switch activation.

Tools for Learning

Tools for Learning

Teaching Bank

The Super Saver Teaching Bank provides a fun way to learn about saving. With songs, lights and fun facts that reward each deposit., users learn valuable lessons about math, money and even early addition and subtraction.

Talking Globe

The Talking Globe invites an exploration of the world. Using the interactive pen, touch the globe to compare population and land area between two locations, to learn flying time between two locations, and to learn facts about continents, countries, capitals, music, currency and more.

Pen Top

The Pentop Computerís power comes from an optical scanner that sees everything you scan and write on special dot-matrix FLY paper. Itís got a brain (a built-in computer processor) and itís got a voice. Itís even got its own language. It calculates math problems, reminds of appointments, and draw drums and keyboards and record your own tunes!

Dana Alpha

The Dana Alpha Smart offers an alternative to costly, fragile laptop computers. It includes a full-size keyboard and a screen that's 3.5 times wider than the typical handheld screen. You can type or enter data using the keyboard or by writing with the Dana stylus directly onto the screen

Talking Calculator

An 8 digit talking calculator that weighs just 4 ounces. Incorporating a three-way volume control with 'off', 'low' and 'high', it will do all standard functions, including percentages. It also features a non-speaking clock which has a large .50 inch LCD display.

Pencil Grip

Rubber-based Cylindrical Foam will increase the size of a pencil or any small handles, making them easier to grasp. Pipe insulation and tape will also work and is less expensive.

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