A Resource Guide To Assistive Technology Funding

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Fifth Printing, April, 2001

Every day, new products and services are being created for people with disabilities. But knowing what is out there, how to get it, and how to pay for it can be quite a challenge. That is why the Virginia Assistive Technology System has been developed: to improve access to assistive technology information, devices, services and funding for all Virginians.

Maybe you're looking for a hearing aid or a motorized wheelchair, and you want to know what choices are available to you. Maybe you're getting hand controls for your car, but need to find a therapist who'll help you learn how to use them. Maybe you have a child with a disability in the public school system, and want to know his or her rights to assistive technology. Or maybe you know what you need to do to make your home accessible, but you want to find out what sort of funding is available to you.

An insufficient financial resource is the main reason that Virginians with disabilities often go without the devices they need to improve their quality of life. This Funding Directory is designed to specifically address this issue.

The directory is intended to be a guide for anyone who needs financial assistance to purchase assistive technology. The guide identifies possible sources of funding and provides strategies to secure it. Hopefully you will find it simple to use. The information contained in the directory is the most current available at the time of this publication, however, it is subject to change. Please feel free to download a copy of the fifth edition of our funding directory or contact VATS directly.

Resource Guide to Assistive Technology Funding

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