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VATS Publications

A complete listing of all VATS publications. Go to the VATS Publications Page for more information.

Assistive Technology Handbook

This handbook is designed for parents and school personnel in Virginia who live or work with students with disabilities who may benefit from assistive technology (AT). It is intended to provide a broad base of information on the rights of children as they relate to the use of AT in the educational setting. Go to the Assistive Technology Handbook Page for more information.

Assistive Technology Funding

Every day, new products and services are being created for people with disabilities. But knowing what is out there, how to get it, and how to pay for it can be quite a challenge. That is why the Virginia Assistive Technology System has been developed: to improve access to assistive technology information, devices, services and funding for all Virginians. Go to the Assistive Technology Funding Page for more information.


ABLEDATA produces fact sheets and informed consumer guides to help you select various types of assistive products. We also make available other publications to help you better use the services that we offer. Go to the AbleData Web Site for more information.

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